Frequently Asked Questions

The process is detailed below. In nutshell, we will work with you on a consultative and iterative process to define the training/course agenda. This will ensure that the outcome matches your expectation.
We don’t have a set number of people per course, but we try to keep the number of participants per instructor to around 15 max. This not only enables the instructor to focus on your learning while not getting over stretched, but also increases the participants’ learning outcome.
We understand that different teams have different needs and requirements, so we have customized our courses to suit them based on their specific requirements. We can deliver all our courses remotely (via Teams, Zoom, Webex,…) or come to your office and deliver it in person.
XPERJY specializes in customized technical interdisciplinary training and education for various businesses. Hamed (our founder and one of the instructors) has over 15 years of experience in Engineering and technical training. In addition our industry subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructors have been selected to add unique knowledge and skills to your learning. So whatever industry you are in, we design and customize our courses for you to suit your needs and knowledge gap.

Not sure if we are right for you and have the training you are looking for – drop us an email and we will be happy to chat about how we can help

We provide you with a “Certificate of Attendance” which shows the eligible hours for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
All our courses will have a lead instructor to help guide you through the course. Very often and depending on the course, the lead instructor will be joined by other subject matter experts to bring unique knowledge and skills to enhance your learning experience and cover all the details.
You and your team will have in-course support as well as post course support. We are very passionate about what we do and most of the time getting over excited to be technically challenged! We ask our participants to bring in their technical challenges (related to the course topic) and we’ll try to come up with a solution as a team in the course. Basically, our “course project” is the issue that you are currently facing.