Piping Instrumentation and Diagram

Another training that we developed and taught for our Canadian client was focused on another interdisciplinary technical topic: P&ID (#Piping & #Instrumentation #Diagram). For a long time, P&ID skills were considered only as ‘on-the-job’ learning. In this training, we have organized the topics to be learned in an efficient systematic method; covering the fundamentals of P&ID while elaborating […]

Customized training programs.

In the past few months, we’ve been busy with developing and offering a few unique customized training programs for a major Canadian power corporation. We are thrilled and honored that all courses turned out well and we’re sharing some details on each training program. The first customized training was focused on the #pumps : including their mechanics, […]

Knowledge and Science are closely related but distinct concepts.

Knowledge and Science are closely related but distinct concepts. Knowledge refers to information and understanding about a particular subject or field. It can be acquired through a variety of means such as education, experience, and observation. Knowledge can be used to make informed decisions, solve problems and create new ideas. Science, on the other hand, […]

How your attitude and aptitude determine your success and altitude.

How your attitude and aptitude determine your success and altitude⁉ #Attitude refers to your mindset or outlook towards a particular situation or task. It encompasses your beliefs, values, emotions, and behavior, and it can be shaped by your experiences, upbringing, and environment. Attitude can influence how you approach challenges, interact with others, and respond to success […]

Pedagogy, Andragogy and Heutagogy.

Pedagogy, Andragogy and Heutagogy are three theories of learning that are used to understand how people learn and how to design educational programs that support effective learning: #Pedagogy is the traditional approach to teaching, which is based on the assumption that the teacher is the source of knowledge and the student is passive in their learning. […]

The very first customized training we developed and offered was the Applied Welding Engineering. This training was well-received by our clients and we are honored for their 5-star feedback! If you want to excel your Welding applied knowledge, contact us, and we will tailor a training that meets your needs and requirements. [email protected] +1 (587) […]


🎊 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉 We would like to take this opportunity to say that we are grateful for being a part of your journey to success in 2022. It has been a great pleasure helping you to reach your training and professional development goals. We wish you happiness and health in the new year, […]

Customized Training for one of the Major Municipalities.

We have recently developed one of a kind customized training for one of the major municipalities in Western Canada on Electric Vehicles (EVs). The training covered the fundamentals, design, technology, maintenance, and the industrial applications of EVs. The XPERJY subject matter experts designed the course according to the client’s requirements and delivered it through four […]

Better Way To Conduct Training.

For too long, the training systems have relied on antiquated technologies, detached messages, and the same old boring routines. There had to be a better way to conduct training and workforce development – and that’s what we dedicated ourselves to find! Reach out to us and let XPERJY guide you on your next Expert-led Journey! […]

Custom Training Programs.

We create custom training programs that are tailored specifically around your company’s need. Just tell us what kind of program or training are you looking for, and we will prepare a proposal for you! We offer a range of technical and soft skills training. Reach out to us and let XPERJY guide you on your […]

Customized Training.

We’ve received several questions regarding the target audience of our training programs. Here is a summary of potential groups benefiting from our customized training. Please reach out to discuss how we can help your team on successful expert-led journeys!

Increasing your staff productivity.

Are you looking for increasing your staff productivity and elevate their professional competencies to a new level? Reach out to us and let XPERJY guide you on your next Expert-led Journey. https://xperjy.com/

Rest in Peace Tim.

With great sadness and sorrow, we lost a friend and one of our greatest instructors. An amazing human is an understatement for Tim. Our condolences go to his family, friends and all his students… Rest in Peace Tim.

Richard Feynman’s birthday.

Today is Richard Feynman’s birthday, one of the greatest physicists of all times. At XPERJY, we truly follow his guidance on teaching and understanding philosophy.

Access to Subject-Matter Experts.

Learning and Development (L&D) is the continuous process of improving your team’s knowledge, competencies, and skills to boost their productivity and job satisfaction, while reducing your turnover.” In this process, our customized training provides access to subject-matter experts who understand your knowledge gap, and develop training according to your needs while ensuring it results in […]

Customized Training with Xperjy.

Have you ever wondered why customized training should be your go to plan? We are here to develop training, workshops and crash courses focusing on your team’s knowledge gap and according to your strategic plans, and put your team up for success! Contact us at https://xperjy.com/


HAPPY FRIDAY! 🎉 We take this opportunity to express our gratitude that we appreciate YOU (as the famous Ted Lasso says) in trusting us in boosting your team’s productivity and set your team up for success! Here’s a must read piece by Jeannie Hodes to end our week on reminding ourselves that we should appreciate the people […]


We are looking forward to hearing about your team’s knowledge gap, and how we can assist you through our customized training developed only for your team’s need! Contact us at https://xperjy.com/

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! 🎉 Today, we celebrate the impact women have had in shaping our world (..and indeed our company!), and recognize that bias continues to hold back women at workplaces. Lets celebrate the day as an opportunity to become informed and recognize women’s role in our life, work and society!