Training that Puts You First

These are the areas we are focused on to help our clients with:
1. Customized training in various technical fields based on the client’s knowledge gap
2. Bridge the existing gaps between disciplines and expertise level (crash courses for interdisciplinary topics). This would be complementary to support authentication and verification program which is being implemented by  multiple jurisdictions, including APEGA.
We are also working toward packaging few applied courses to provide a solid
intro training to a field. This would be beneficial to:
2.1. Juniors getting into the job (i.e. technical orientation)
2.2.  Experts from one area want to understand the other side of the process  better  (subsurface team get to understand the surface processes to help streamline the project)
2.3. Any professional who needs to verify/authenticate the subcontractor work if the work is not in his/her wheelhouse.
2.4. Medium to advance level training and courses
3. Design, produce and deliver interactive e-courses/training based on clients’ material/scope.
We incorporate client’s input during the development of the content and can further refine the content based on client’s needs. This is the solution for training development to help companies with their Learning Management System (LMS). Whether a client has the content or asked XPERJY to develop the content based on their scope, XPERJY can produce training/courses from start (videography, animation, voice over) to finish (edit, delivery in desired format) in various interactivity levels.
The developed courses IP rights can be fully transferred to clients to meet their policy
All Services are offered according to your team’s need and knowledge gap by Subject Matter Experts.

Our Journey To A Successful Customized Training